Keep Virginia Mason Memorial Hospital Safe

The frontline healthcare workers of Virginia Mason Memorial Hospital, Yakima’s only hospital, hold strong in our commitment to care for you and your family during this pandemic.

We will never stop advocating for the safe care of every community member who comes to our hospital and clinics.

We are holding Virginia Mason Memorial accountable to the safest standard of care. This means:

  • All workers must be provided adequate personal protective equipment.
  • Our surgery patients should be tested for COVID-19 for their safety and the safety of other patients and workers.
  • Every unit should have enough nurses, caregivers and infection control team members to care for and protect patients.
  • The hospital must not refuse our right to workers’ compensation when we are quarantined or become sick due to exposure to COVID-19 in the workplace.

If we, as healthcare workers, do not have adequate protective equipment at work and become sick, we jeopardize the care of our patients.

Our community stands with us

Hundreds of healthcare workers, community members and union workers across Washington signed our petition. Thank you for standing with us!

Look for our campaign yard signs around Yakima!

We are united in solidarity with the Movement for Black Lives

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